Monday, August 28, 2023

Happy Monday!

 What is on the agenda today? Today, I have three orders to pack up and a large amount of items to list.  We are experiencing high temps currently and getting outside is not always on list as the first thing to do.  But, when there are errands to run, I get them done early in the AM.  

I have been thrifting on the regular almost daily, hitting up local thrift stores as opposed to going to Goodwill.  If you are a thrifter, you may have seen the prices on the rise at Goodwill.  I tend to hit up Goodwill about once a month. 

The local thrifts have better prices and always seem to have great sales and specials.  

I was able to thrift almost ALL of my Halloween decor for my thrifted fireplace. The fireplace was $20 and I had to have it.  This is the beginning of the Halloween Decor that is up. I have since added more and will post that pic later this week. 

I really enjoy decorating Halloween, the kiddos are older and don't come around as much.  But when they do, they enjoy the decor too.  They think I decorate too early, but I don't care lol. 

I have been considering starting live sales on my YouTube channel, I have participated in static sales, or drop hop sales with other resellers.  It is a good way to get yourself out there.  I will keep you posted. 

As Floridians, we are watching the weather as this is the height of hurricane season.  There is one makeing its way into the Gulf of Mexico, that is aiming at the west coast of Florida.  It has two days to arrive and pick a place to land.  We are in Central Florida, and usually deal with lots of rains and some high winds. 

How is the weather where you are?  Are you dealing with the high temps?  

See you Soon!

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