Friday, October 22, 2021

Hit Up The Goodwill!

 Hit up the goodwill
for thrift to flip and for Halloween home decor for me. 

Found a lot of cute Halloween items, you can see them here on TikTok Also found some great stuff to flip for profit.  Surprisingly, Goodwill still had a lot of cute Halloween decor.  I think I am maxed out on pumpkins, and now I am going to search out a few cute ghost figurines.  

I seem to have been thrifting more than listing and eBay sales are reflecting that.  For many eBay sellers (per different FB groups) eBay is slow in general.  Typically fourth quarter is kicking butt. 

Since there are virtually no mandatory quarantines I think everyone is enjoying their freedom to shop in person. At least that is what I am going with today. 

Have your eBay sales been slow? 

I stay busy with things around the house and the grandkiddos.  Yesterday I put together graham cracker houses for them to decorate this weekend.  The grocery budget took a hit because I had to pick up some cute candy to decorate them with.  Oops! lol.   

Time to get a few more things listed! 

Have a great day!

Friday, October 15, 2021

Still Listing and Thrifting

Recent additions to eBay Store 
Still here listing and thrifting, and if you are a reseller you know that takes up most of your time. Consistency is key with regards to selling on eBay and other online platforms but when you are a part-time seller you can definitely set your own schedule. But, you still have to be consistent even if you sell on a smaller scale.  

Sales on eBay have definitely slowed down over the last couple of months, it is been noted by myself and other online resellers. We are still here feeding the beast (listing and thrifting) but sales are definitely down.  

What to do?  You can tweak your listings by reviewing the photos and maybe taking better ones.  You can tweak your listing improving your titles, and filling out your item specifics. eBay has increased the need for more item specifics on their end and it is a bit of a drag having to revise listings and fill them out, but it has to be done.  

How have your sales been? Have you noticed a difference?

Sunday, July 4, 2021


I have had a couple of good sales this past week.  If you sell on eBay, you probably know that sales do slow down a bit for the summer. Meanwhile, I have been trying to keep listing at least 5-10 items a day and bulk up my store.  

This weekend has been a perfect weekend for that, tropical storm Elsa has induced a rainy weekend and with it being a holiday weekend, there are not that many estate sales to hit up. 

I picked up 5 Construction related books at a recent Estate Sale.  The average price per book was $8. 

This book is from the same lot.  I had an offer of $125 the first day it was listed.  I countered with $145 with no response.  I was starting to regret not taking the $125 but within 48 hours the book sold for full price. 

This sale was for TWO lots of the Royal Crown Bags.  They are free to me and easy to list and package


I like to part out vintage games.  This is from a vintage 1967 football game.  Typically, game parts or pieces are a slow dime, but this sold in 24 hrs.  You just never know.

I hope you had a few good sales this week! 

If you get bored, find me on TikTok.  @happygirlthrift   I share what I find and sell there on a regular basis.  


Saturday, June 26, 2021

Best Thing I Sold on eBay 2021

 Here is one of the "Best Things I Have Sold on eBay" in the last couple of months.  Typically I sellregular run of the mill items.  Mugs, hats, clothes, vintage collectibles. Bread and butter items as most eBay resellers would say. 

There are rare occasions that I am lucky enough to find rare "unicorn" items in the wild.  The first item is a softcover book by Popcorn Sutton.  If you watch Moonshiners on the Discovery channel then you would know all about Popcorn Sutton.   

He was an ornery moonshiner that several of the cast members on the show learned the moonshining trade from.  A legend according to those that were his students. 

I found a softcover book written by Popcorn Sutton and SIGNED by him as well.  After a little research at the thrift store I knew it was coming home.  The past sales reflected an unsigned book that had sold for around $300 give or take.  There was a signed copy on Amazon listed for $1300.00t

I listed mine for $1200 OR BEST OFFER.  It took about 3 months and several lowball offers but I finally accepted an offer for $700.  I shipped it insured and signature confirmation.  The transaction went smoothly and the buyer left positive feedback. 

The thrift store that I found the book at only charged $0.10 a book.  And it was half-price day.  My cost was a NICKEL. 

The "unicorn" sales like this are few and far between. But they are definitely fun!


Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Numbers for Feb 23rd through March 1, 2021

This Plate sold in less than 2 weeks.  One of my favorite finds.  Paid $3.99 Sold for $32.99 Buyer paid shipping. 

Items in Store 1155
Items Sold:  15
Gross Sales: $$387.00
Cost of Items Sold: $23.90

Highest Price Sold: $ 105.00 vintage leather jacket 
Average Price Sold: $25.80
Returns: Zero
Money Spent on New Inventory This Week: $100
Number of items listed this week: 20

Monday, August 17, 2020

What Sold on eBay Aug 10 - Aug 16th, 2020 Trash to Cash

The week started out slow, but it did get better towards the end.   Let's talk about the first item, the slide viewer.  I try to get out every morning and walk the dog.  We walk around a two mile loop in a neighborhood behind us. About half way through the walk, ( a mile in) we pass by this one house that has been undergoing a big cleanout.  It has been going for a while and mostly it is just junk.  

Well, about two weeks ago,  I saw this box sitting on top of the latest clean-out.  It was in great shape and peaking through the semi-opened lid I see the plastic-wrapped slide viewer.  After a brief inspection, I pick it up and carry it home.  I looked it up on eBay and the solds revealed that it was selling for $30.00 - $40.00.

Free. Picked it up from roadside trash. Sold in about 3 weeks, and is on its way to Arizona. 

Carrying home the slide viewer on our walk. 

The box was a little damp with morning dew, but it dried out and was none the worse for wear.   

The rolling pin was part of the Forty Box Challenge. a large purchase of a post estate sale leftovers.  I probably paid about 0.40 for each item. I had it listed originally at $29.99 but took a best offer of $24.00. The rolling pin is on it's way to California. 

This is one of two sets that I found at a local Thrift Store .  They were in a bag, and luckily the sets had no damage.  The sets cost approximately $6.00 each.  The set was listed since 8/19 and sold for full price.  This set is headed to Illinois. 

I picked up a box ( plastic rolling box ) of stampin' up stamps at a garage sale for $10.00 in fall of 2018.  The stamps have been listed since 1/19.  I estimate each stamp cost me about a quarter.  This stamp sold for full price and is on it's way to New York.

Another item from the 40 box challenge and the average price for each item is 0.40.  It has been listed for over a year and is on it's way to New Jersey. 

This little flower pot was part of a boxed lot, it probably cost about 0.10 cents and it sold for $7.49.  

This is another freebie.  It's a TENT for a trampoline.  My daughter bought it about a year ago and never used it.  She was going to put it to the curb.  Good grief!!!  This is on it's way to California. 

I found this vast at an Antique Store that was closing down.  Everything was marked down 75% and I got this vase for $1.50.  It's marked USA on the bottom.  It sold for full price and is headed to Germany. 

I absolutely love to find and buy vintage games.  They are easy money if you want to take the time to part out everything.  I purchased this game, 13 Dead End Drive at Goodwill about two months ago for $2.99.  This is one of 4 parts to the game, and there are also the directions, and a game board that are listed.  The graphics are full color on the directions and a big plus is that the parts are easy to store once you break it down.  I typically don't keep the box, it is usually wore out. This piece is headed to California. 

This was a better week, there is one return coming back.  The red Le Creuset salt and pepper shakers.  The buyer thought they would be the miniatures.  No worries, they will be relisted. I still have lots to list from my last trip to Goodwill.  That should keep me busy this week. 

How were your weekly sales?  Are you listing?  

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Junk in My Trunk - What I Found at Goodwill

I visited a different Goodwill and was pleasantly surprised at the variety and the prices.  They had great stuff and I am sharing what I found in my video below.

Let me know what you think!