Friday, October 15, 2021

Still Listing and Thrifting

Recent additions to eBay Store 
Still here listing and thrifting, and if you are a reseller you know that takes up most of your time. Consistency is key with regards to selling on eBay and other online platforms but when you are a part-time seller you can definitely set your own schedule. But, you still have to be consistent even if you sell on a smaller scale.  

Sales on eBay have definitely slowed down over the last couple of months, it is been noted by myself and other online resellers. We are still here feeding the beast (listing and thrifting) but sales are definitely down.  

What to do?  You can tweak your listings by reviewing the photos and maybe taking better ones.  You can tweak your listing improving your titles, and filling out your item specifics. eBay has increased the need for more item specifics on their end and it is a bit of a drag having to revise listings and fill them out, but it has to be done.  

How have your sales been? Have you noticed a difference?

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