Sunday, July 4, 2021


I have had a couple of good sales this past week.  If you sell on eBay, you probably know that sales do slow down a bit for the summer. Meanwhile, I have been trying to keep listing at least 5-10 items a day and bulk up my store.  

This weekend has been a perfect weekend for that, tropical storm Elsa has induced a rainy weekend and with it being a holiday weekend, there are not that many estate sales to hit up. 

I picked up 5 Construction related books at a recent Estate Sale.  The average price per book was $8. 

This book is from the same lot.  I had an offer of $125 the first day it was listed.  I countered with $145 with no response.  I was starting to regret not taking the $125 but within 48 hours the book sold for full price. 

This sale was for TWO lots of the Royal Crown Bags.  They are free to me and easy to list and package


I like to part out vintage games.  This is from a vintage 1967 football game.  Typically, game parts or pieces are a slow dime, but this sold in 24 hrs.  You just never know.

I hope you had a few good sales this week! 

If you get bored, find me on TikTok.  @happygirlthrift   I share what I find and sell there on a regular basis.  


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