Tuesday, August 11, 2020

What Sold on eBay Aug 2 - Aug 9th, 2020

  The summer eBay doldrums are here and my sales last week reflect it. Families are getting ready to start school and are having to deal with picking the right option for them. They may be trying to fit in a little family vacay to restore some normalcy to their life.  Everyday life is so different now, we all are trying to figure out our new normal.

Here is what sold this week: 

I found this set of salt and pepper shakers at a local Thrift for $1.00  I was running a sale in my store, so the customer got a good deal.  They are on their way to Brooklyn, NY

Fenton Hobnail is quite plentiful on eBay.  This was also on sale and is on its way to Virginia.  The item was free to me, part of a house clean out. 

This vase sold for full-price and is on its way to Rhode Island.  It was part of a large box lot I purchased in May 2019.  I probably paid 0.40 cents. 

One of the last few pieces of my jadeite Fire King collection.  The blows are on their way to Arizona.    

These salt and pepper shakers were originally listed for $19.00, I took a best offer of $14.00 and they are on their way to Wisconsin. This was part of a friend's donation of items to me.  No cost. 

Christmas sells year round!  This vintage Christmas ornament is part of a large lot  I purchased in 2018 at GW for $2.99.  The lot contained probably 20  -25 ornaments.   I had it listed for $49.99 and took a best offer of $29.00.

I have been listing more lately.  So far I have 896 items listed, and striving to get to closer to 1000 listings.  Storing my eBay inventory is a challenge, but I manage to get it all put away AND more important , I can find it when it sells. 

How was your week?


  1. I sold almost nothing this week.
    -Four crystal glasses (a set)
    -Stick on nail polish/manicure set
    -A work top that I bought & realized I would never really wear

  2. You can tell it is summer on eBay! Hopefully it will pick up soon for both of us!

  3. A very beautiful vase that was sent to Rhode Island.