Sunday, November 10, 2019

Weekly Goals for eBay Nov 11 - Nov 17th, 2019

1.  List at least 50 items on eBay.   Pretty much my standard weekly goal.  

2.  Exercise.   We walk most mornings after we walk the kids to the bus stop.

3.  Set up an eBay Workspace.    When my daughter and her family lived with us temporarily this summer, I move my workspace into our bedroom.   Over the next couple of weeks, I will move back into the spare room.  

4.  Set an Earnings Goal this Week.    $300.00 gross  per week  for 2019

I reviewed my previous goals that I intermittently posted since 2012.  They were all basically the same, List, Exercise, Organize, and Earnings. 

Some weeks were more successful than others, but there were life events that got in the way that I let derail my success.  There was a lack of consistency that were triggered by these life events, and I would react by closing down my eBay business. 

It has been almost a year this time around on eBay, and the goal is to stay actively involved in growing eBay sales.  Kinda like a 5-year plan, that is updated yearly.  

What can I accomplish in 5 years?   That plan will be revealed in Jan 2020.  (Currently pondering this plan ) 

What are your eBay goals for the longterm? 

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