Friday, November 8, 2019

Quick Trip to a Thrift Store Today

This morning was breakfast with my animal shelter friends.  Several years ago, I was very active at our local animal shelter, started a non-profit to raise money to benefit the shelter animals, and volunteered at many events and at the shelter.

Things changed, I had to have both knees replaced, and that!!  No more walking the big pit bulls lol.  It was a great experience and the friends I made during that time are priceless. It's great that we still can get together and catch up.

After breakfast, I passed by a local thrift store that benefits a church school in the same town.  I visit this thrift about once a month, give or take.  Like most thrifts, they have a lot of clothes, but I typically go for odds and ends, kitchenware, pottery, things that catch my eye. 

Do you have a favorite thrift store you always check out? 


  1. We have a Boys and Girls Club thrift store. It is so much cheaper than our local Goodwill. It does so well that they expanded. I love to visit. The stock changes daily. It's run by volunteers who are so nice. My recent purchase was 12 linen Christmas napkins for 10 cents each. They were folded and clean and looked brand new.

    1. Hi Olivia,
      I agree, Goodwill can be pricey. Our Goodwill use to bag stuff up and the prices were low. Now, they put a price tag on everything.

      You have a sweet place to thrift and the Christmas napkins sound perfect!

      Thanks for your comment!