Tuesday, October 29, 2019

What Sold on eBay October 21st- October 27, 2019

Last week was super slow on eBay!  Goodness, as you can see below, I only sold 3 items.  THREE items, sheesh.  Oh well, selling on eBay is predictably unpredictable.  

This week will be more listing, arranging and putting away items that are listed, as well as my other daily chores. 

I am working reaching 1000 listings in my eBay store before the end of the year.  I have a Premium store subscription which is 1000 listings for a monthly fee of $59.95 based on a yearly subscription agreement. What happens after I reach 1000 listings remains to be seen.  So far, I have been able to easily and conveniently store my items.  If I push past 1000 listings, well... I don't know where the items will be stored. We will just make that a future problem. 

Here are pictures of two of the three items I sold this week. 



Total Items in Store 700
Items Sold: 3
Gross Sales: $45
Cost of Items Sold: $2.40
Highest Price Sold: $21.00 Green Bay Packer Footed Pajamas (garage sale $1.00)
Average Price Sold: $15

Returns: One (Pending)  Global Shipping Item Ceramic Napkin Rings (One was chipped)
I called eBay and they told me to tell the customer to request a return and that they would mediate it.  Typically when you ship an item via Global shipping and the item arrives at the eBay global shipping warehouse at  Erlanger, Kentucky without damage, the seller is off the hook for any returns.  

Money Spent on New Inventory This Week: $54.00 at Goodwill (Already listed all items)
Number of items listed this week: 32

You can see my current 40 box challenge  total HERE 

And you can see if I am meeting my weekly goals  HERE

Keep Calm and Thrift On!

How Was Your Week of Online Selling?


  1. Wow that is a slow week. No doubt with November approaching things will pick up once people realize Black Friday is a week later this year.

  2. eBay is so unpredictable! Last week was definitely one of my slowest weeks ever. I tend to sell one of a kind odd ball items and sometimes it will take time to find the right buyer. Fingers crossed that this week will show condsiderable improvement!

  3. Ebay had lots of glitches for about 2 weeks which resulted in slow sales for most sellers. Things seem to be picking up again this week.

    1. Yes!! A couple of FB groups I follow have been very active with complaints of SLOW sales as a result fo the glitches. So frustrating, but we just have to keep on keeping on!