Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Catching Up and A Few Things I Have Sold

Work and the flu has kept me busy and feeling a bit out of control.  Work at the elementary school has not made me that happy at all.  I gave my notice two weeks ago and during my notice I was out sick with the flu.  Not the best way t work out my notice but it is what it is.

eBay has been a bit neglected the last month.  I have not been motivated to list but there have been a few sales.  

These were in a bag of vintage baptismal clothing items I bought at the Thrift Store. They sold in 24 hrs which I thought was super quick.  Cost: $0.25 

I absolutely love this ashtray. This was part of my 40 box challenge purchase.  
Cost: $0.40

Green Bay Packers are doing quite well this season!  I picked this up at a garage sale 
for $1.00

Another sale from the Forty box challenge.  Cost: $0.40

Since I no longer working outside of the home, I definitely have more time to dedicate to my eBay business.  I still have several weeks to meet my 6 months earnings goals that I set earlier this year. 

That is the short story for what's been going here.  

What's been going on with you?  


  1. So sorry to hear you had the flu. I know how miserable that makes one feel and that's why I got a flu shot for the first time ever. Also sorry that the school job didn't work out, but I understand. Nice sales as usual. I'm old enough to remember "fancy pants" diaper covers. lol

    1. I tend to think the flu was a result of the flu shot and the rampant outbreak of flu at the school. I thought at my age, I should be proactive and get the shot. Oh well. You had a reaction to your flu shot, didn't you?

      Can't wait to read about your daughter's vist! Take care and thanks for stopping by!

    2. Yes, I had a reaction to the shot and got sick, but some say it was a coincidence. I think it was my body fighting off a foreign invader. I probably won't get a flu shot again.