Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Waiting on Hurricane Dorian to Move Along

With Labor Day, the expected hurricane has decided to make a visit to or alongside of Florida.  Currently, the Bahamas are getting absolutely blasted with rain, high winds, and flooding.  Our school system is closed down until Thursday and that gives me an opportunity to list an sift through my eBay piles.

My latest acquisition of inventory to list is 4 boxes of Noritake (mid century) sugar bowls and creamers with a few salt and pepper shakers.

  A friends' mother operated a Noritake china replacement business from her home for many years.  With the passing of her mom and the settling of her estate, my friend was selling each piece for $1.   I have very limited experience and knowledge with Noritake, but I was willing to spend a little money in an attempt to make a profit.

 The family brought many, many boxes of china home to sell.  But they also left tons and tons of china for the new homeowner.

If I am able to make a profit on the current pieces I bought and listed, I will probably head back to my friend's house and see what she has left.  Of the four boxes I brought home, I have three boxes of items listed.  I still have a BUNCH of stuff to get listed on my goal to reaching 1000 listings, and I will be using my time off for the hurricane to do just that.

Are you in an area affected by Dorian?  

If you have any Noritake information or tips please share!


  1. Wow! That's some business they had going on there! Hope you do well with your sales.

  2. Noritake will sell. Go to a website for replacement pieces and see prices for patterns you have. Or, check ebay and undercut their price just to get it to sell. Just go get more.