Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Why I Like eBay Global Shipping!

If you recall, I sold these Fire King Jadeite bowls a couple of weeks ago, and they went to their new home in Japan via the eBay  Global Shipping Program.

When you ship an item through Global Shipping, you will receive email updates that state the package has successfully arrived and left the eBay shipping facility and is on its way to the customer.

It is always reassuring to get these emails from eBay and know that your package is making its way to the customer.

Last Friday, I received an email through eBay from the buyer letting me know that one of the bowls was broke and that she wanted a full refund.

She sent pictures of the damage.  It was not pretty.

I called eBay customer service and asked them to
help me sort this out.

They saw that the item did make it to the Global Shipping center in Kentucky safely,  and they also saw the pictures of the box and the damaged bowl that the customer received.

They closed the case immediately and refunded the buyer but not at my expense.  I was covered under the eBay seller protection by using the Global Shipping program. This also means the buyer cannot leave negative feedback.

They take care of everything when you use their program, they charge the buyer the appropriate import fees and taxes and ensure delivery to the buyer.

Are you using the eBay Global Shipping Program in you eBay business?

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