Monday, July 29, 2019

What Sold on Ebay July 22 - 28th, 2019

Total Items in Store: 636
Items Sold: 11
Gross Sales: $180.67
Cost of Items Sold: $10.22
Highest Price Sold: $39.99 St. Benedict Statue (from the Forty Box Challenge )
Average Price Sold: $16.42
Returns: 0
Money Spent on New Inventory This Week: $26
Number of items listed this week: 37

We did not meet our weekly goal of $300.00 gross sales, just a bit short at $180.67.  Eh, I am grateful for the sales that I have and look forward to a busier fourth quarter.  Meanwhile, I have been listing, I tend to average 35 to 45 new listings a week.  When school starts and I am back at work that will probably slow down.  I am about 70 items from my 700 listed items goal and I should reach that by next Friday when I have to report for work. 

Statue of St Benedict sold for 39.99 
I met with another eBayer in Orlando this week, we have chatted a bit in a couple of Facebook groups that we are in.  One of which is not related to eBay, but to a local junior high school in Orlando.  The school was constructed in the ’30s and is a national landmark.  It is nestled in a well established neighborhood with beautiful older homes surrounding it. 

He and his wife are thinking about starting an eBay meetup group, so we can meet other resellers in the area.  I will keep you posted if that happens.

There are lots of last minute house projects I am trying to accomplish, closet cleaning, bathroom repainting, and a bit of landscaping.  This always happens, I wait to the last minute to get things done.  
But it works for me.

Keep calm and thrift on!

How was your week?

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