Monday, July 22, 2019

What Sold on eBay July 15-July 21st 2019

Total Items in Store: 611
Items Sold: 17
Gross Sales: $302.22
Cost of Items Sold: $10.22
Highest Price Sold: $65 Vintage  Disney Haunted House Game Pieces
Average Price Sold: $18.00
Returns: 0
Money Spent on New Inventory This Week: $38
Number of items listed this week: 43

This was a good week on eBay.  The store was busy and I was able to get over 600 items listed! 

I am still working through items to list from the Forty Box Challenge  I would estimate there are perhaps another 50 or so items that can be listed.

HIGHEST PRICE SOLD $65 Game Pieces for
Vintage Disney Haunted Mansion Game.
See the Doom buggies game pieces? Cute!

Random Collection of Garter Clips
From Forty Box Challenge.  I took a
Best Offer.

  There is still plenty to list from other shopping expeditions over the last week or two.  This week at a GoodWill located in Orlando, I purchased over 30 mugs to put in my store.  The price was right and the mugs were different and unique. 

Weekend sales waiting on the post person to pick them up.
I am still utilizing promoted listings at 2% and I continue to do storewide sales weekly.  All of my listings have best offer on them as well although buyers will purchase outright and not dicker about the price.  And then there are those that will send extremely low offers and are not amenable to go back and forth about the price. 

I like using Best Offer, it gives me the option of deciding just how bad I need the sale to meet my weekly gross sale goal of $300. This week, I passed my goal by $2. Woo Hoo.  No complaints,

 I hope to stay on track and eventually up my weekly goal to $600 gross after the first of the year. Those are my thoughts, for now, this may change as the end of the year approaches. 

How was your week on eBay?  Did you find any treasures while shopping? 


  1. After I got back from my trip, I relisted those college textbooks and added Best Offer. Nothing yet. Nice sale on those game pieces!

    1. Sometimes it just takes time for things to sell. Hopefully the books will get some hits. I love looking for different and unique games and piece them out. It is a slow dime, but storage is easy so waiting it out is okay.