Sunday, June 23, 2019

What Sold This Week June 17-22, 2019

June 17-22
Total Items in Store:  513
Items Sold:  4
Gross Sales:  $98.19
Cost of Items Sold:  3.00
Highest Price Sold:  49.99 ( Jadeite Fire King Bowls- personal collection)
Avg Price Sold:  $24.54
Money Spent on Inventory:  $19.50
Number of Items Listed This Week: 23

Different coffee mugs with unique advertising or designs will always catch my eye and I will pick them up when I see them.  The Viking mug I paid $0.99 and it sold rather quickly for $12.99 and it is going to Minnesota, buyer paid shipping.

The red Tupperware spoons I found at a local Thrift Store in a bag of stuff. I would estimate that tey cost me about $0.99 cents  They sold for $26.99 and are going to Idaho, buyer paid shipping.

The vintage Avon body talc was one of the many items from the Forty Box Challenge.  It probably cost me less than a dime and it sold for a best offer of $8.25 and is on its way to Texas, buyer paid shipping.

The Vintage Jadeite Fire King bowls were sold at auction for $49.99.  I have been downsizing my Fire King collection slowly but surely and I have had these bowls for decades.  I probably didn't pay that much for them back then, but the actual cost I am not really sure of.  The bowls are going to Japan through the Global Shipping program and the buyer paid shipping.

June has been a slow month with regards to sales.  I decided to ad best offer to all of my listings and I also changed all my listing to promoted listings at %2.  When an item sells, eBay will get an additional 2% of the price as a charge for promoting the listing.  We are not charged anything for promoted listings until the item sells.  The promoted listings started last week, and I will keep you posted on how it impacts my sales.

Actually, the vintage red Tupperware spoons did sell with the help of promoted listings at an additional cost of $0.54.

I have about 3 unopened boxes to go through from the 40 Box  Challenge, and there is a BUNCH of stuff still to list. There are a wide variety of items to list, ranging from vintage AVON to religious and spiritual items to everyday vintage bric a brac which happens to include several Fenton pieces.

Today started out hot but I still managed to get the yard mowed, jumped in the pool, to cool off, cleaned up and went to Old Time Pottery store to find another gazing ball for the back yard.  The shopping trip was successful and I will share pictures of my new ball soon.

How is the weather where you are?  Is it hot?  My cousin lives in Denver and she shared pictures on FB of the snow they received on the first day of Summer. 


  1. Thanks for telling about the promoted listings feature. I didn't know what that was. I just may try that instead of adding best offer to the books I have listed.

  2. I currently have best offer on all my listings along with the promoted feature. Summer is typically slow for me, so I am just trying to stir things up.