Saturday, June 29, 2019

Saturday Checking In

We are half way through Summer break and I am feeling the need to be more attentive to getting things done both here at the house and for my eBay business.  Around the house - I want to go through dresser drawers and closets to get rid of what I don't want anymore. For my eBay business, I want to increase my listings to 700-750 by the time school starts on Aug 12th.   
Cricket and I on our morning walk before
 it gets too hot to do anything!  

Mostly I write things down so I won't forget.  With menopause finishing up, I am pretty sure I lost some valuable brain cells in the process.  Maybe you can identify?  Walking from one room to another and not remembering why you came into the new room? Yep.  Happens all the time. 

I am still working on going through and listing items from the Forty Box Challenge. I have been tracking what has sold so far and it has been a slow dime.  But, I kinda expected that with it being summer.  I paid $100 for all the boxes, framed pictures and lamps.  As of today, I have sold $100 gross of those specific items.  There is still more to list ad I am excited to see what all actually sells, especially during the 4th quarter.  

For today I have decided to put this list together and see how much I can accomplish.

  • Continue to go through the closet with the goal of listing the clothes or recycling to Goodwill.
  • Clean and organize my eBay shipping supplies.  
  • Sweep front porch and organize the plants.
  • List 10 more items
  • Garage sales in the AM


  1. I make lists all the time. I get a great feeling of accomplishment when I'm able to cross things off.

    1. Yes!! Crossing things off the list is so satisfying!!