Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Florida Weather, eBay Storage and Catching Up!

Life can be very busy and good intentions are just that, good intentions! On the upside, life in general is good. I am grateful for many things, family, employment, good coffee, loving cats, and pleasant sleep.

. The last two months of school ( where I work) is busy with state testing and to follow an innumerable amount of end of the year field days, classroom celebrations and the last week of school that absolutely dragged to an end. 

  In between work and helping with getting the grandkids to their after school events there was little time to blog on a regular basis. I would work in a eBay listing or two and occasionally pack up an item that sold. I have been slowly building the inventory in my eBay store with a goal of reaching 1000 listings before school starts again in early August.

 Currently my listings are hovering around 500. Many of the items I am currently adding to my store are the result of a purchase I made from Facebook marketplace.

 Here is what I shared my Facebook Page, Happy Girl Thrift: “While I was checking out Facebook market place, this post caught my eye. The artwork, lamps and 40 boxes 📦 of items left over from an estate sale were priced $100 for everything. For $2.50 a box ( sight unseen) I thought it was worth the gamble. 

 Come to find out, the seller is an on again off again seller on Etsy and she was downsizing her inventory as well. ( Explains the USPS boxes she used for packing ) We filled up the back of the truck and stashed it in my eBay shed. I will start unpacking and listing tomorrow and probably the rest of the year! #40boxlistingchallenge” .

 The boxes have contained many smaller items ranging from wooden drink tokens that cane from a Shriners event to larger items such as pottery and purses. 

There were items that immediately went to the trash which included older shoes and bikinis. Several boxes contained a plethora of vintage Avon items some full, semi full,and empty. It was a definite flashback to the days when I sold Avon on the side.

 After checking the solds on several of the Avon items I decided to donate a majority of them back to Goodwill. Initially, I went through one box at a time and that didn’t last long as curiosity got the best of me and I started opening several at a time. 

I would go through the boxes and put what I was not going to list in boxes and load them in my car to take them to Goodwill. So far I have taken about 12 USPS boxes ( the same ones the stuff came in).
 Here are my numbers for the week of June 3-9th. They were respectable and I appreciate the business. June 3-9

 Total Items in Store: 425 Items Sold:
 6 Gross Sales: $440.00 
 Cost of Items Sold: $8.40
 Highest Price Sold: $150.00 (Vintage Velour Track Suit Nike- Hip Hop style) 
Jacket to Hip-Hop Track Suit Sold for $150.00
Paid $8.00 at local thrift store

 Avg Price Sold: $53.00 

Money Spent on Inventory:$8.36
 Number of Items Listed This Week: 48

 Last week I did not sell a thing. Nada. Summer can be slow on eBay, at least for me.

 But it is all good. I have continued listing and am currently up to 495 listings. 

Slow and steady is fine with me, I hope to at least increase my listings to 1000 before school starts again and I will have to go back to work.

I have been experimenting with YouTube intermittently when I get a spare minute or two.  It's kinda fun! 


  1. Great sale on that track suit! Wow! I listed some of my daughter's college textbooks on ebay yesterday. I got a little sick to my stomach, but I did it. Hopefully they will sell and without any issues with buyers. I'm nervous about it, but I hope to raise some money for her as she prepares to relocate.

  2. I hope you are able to successfully see the books. I know that eBay stressed you out towards the end of your time with online selling. You had a good eye for items to flip, but your rock painting is the total bomb!!

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