Saturday, January 12, 2019

What Sold Since January 1st

With the holidays finishing up and putting away Christmas decorations, getting ready to go back to work at the elementary school, I did not have a lot of extra time to devote to my eBay adventures.

I have to remember that I am just a part time seller, and it is something I enjoy and not let it get to me when things are not selling like hot cakes.  My primary purpose is to build up listed inventory to encourage sales through the summer when I am not working and am not receiving a paycheck.  I like the school schedule, I am able to take the same time off as my grandkids and that is very important to me.

The Crate and Barrel Snowflake Dish Towels were in a grab bag of sorts at the Goodwill.  I initially bought the bag because of the table runner and random Christmas decorations.  But in the mix I did notice the red what I initially thought were hand towels.  Great, I can use them next year in the kitchen.

When I opened the bag and investigated more, I saw the Crate and Barrel tag and that there were a total of 6.  I listed them as two sets of three for $24.99 for each set, and accepted an offer of $15.00 for each set for a total of $30.00.   The towels averaged about $0.19 cents each.

There was also another set of white with red snowflakes Crate and Barrel Dish Towels in the lot, which I had to launder as there were a couple of stains on one or two of them.  I was not able to remove the stains, but I listed them anyway and put that info in the listing.

You can view that listing HERE

My other sale was a collection of Karoke CD's.  I picked it up for $1.00  at Goodwill and sold it for $26.99 with free shipping. CD's are easy to store, they don't take up a lot of room and the return can be pretty good. 

Living in Central Florida, I tend to find a lot of Disney collectibles.  Is that because so many people in the are work at Disney and clean out their closets once in a while or is the local population in general that are big Disney fans and buy so much stuff that sometimes they have to clean out and make room for more stuff?  

Either way, I will pick up Disney stuff for cheap and list it for a large amount with best offer.   For example, I found this laptop shoulder bag for $3.99  View listing HERE

Disney 40th Anniversary Park Exclusive Blue Mickey Messenger Laptop Shoulder Bag

 I also found this Polynesian Resort Monorail Set ofr $6.99, It is missing one of the stairwells, but is otherwise complete  and some parts are still in original packaging.  I have it listed for $499.00 OR Best Offer.  It has several watchers but no offers yet. View listing HERE:

Walt Disney World Polynesian Resort Monorail Set w Box Almost Complete

I still have many items to list, so there will be no stopping at the Goodwill the rest of the month.  The incentive is to get all unlisted inventory listed, so I can go back and source for more cool stuff.

Here are the numbers!

My Store Week Jan 1-12, 2019
Total Items in Store: 38
Items Sold:2
Gross Sales: $56.99
Cost of Items Sold: $1.50
Cost of helpers: $0
Highest Price Sold: $30.00 (Crate and Barrel Snowflake Dish Towels)
Average Price Sold: $28.50
Returns: 0
Money Spent on New Inventory These Last Two Weeks: $52.00
Number of items listed these last 2 weeks:19

How was your week?  Were your sales pretty good? 

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