Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Shed

As promised, I have pictures of my eBay storage shed. The shed was here when we move here. It already had two sets of shelves. We bought more shelves last year. They are the ones that have room for more inventory.



I have an abnormal obsession with mugs. I love they way they look and the way they feel. With regards to eBay, they are easy to list and even easier to ship.



This side of the shed does not have as much inventory. There is a reason for that. My Fire King Collection. I have several big plastic totes ( about 9) of jadeite Fire King and other Fire King Patterns. I love that stuff :-)

When it gets a little cooler I will post some pics of the Fire King.


Here are the newer shelves.they take up the whole wall of the right side of the shed. Definitely lots of storage room here. I keep a great majority of my inventory here in the shed. But due to the intense heat of summer, I have to keep the more delicate items on my rolling racks in the garage. I also keep my pacing materials on the rolling racks.


What about you? Where do you keep your inventory??






  1. Lucky you to have such a nice, neat and organized place to store your items! Mine are tucked here and there in the house. I don't keep as much inventory as you do though. BTW, thanks for the link to the "jelly roll" mug packing video.

  2. I wish more inventory was leaving than staying! And you are welcome for the link.

  3. I bought some shelves at Goodwill and put them in a bedroom. Most of my inventory is there plus shipping materials. I also have some on a shelf in the linen closet and a kitchen cupboard. I live in AZ so with the extreme heat outside storage is not an option. My problem is I buy stuff to list but then I buy something that I think is better and the old does not get listed. Like you I like the mugs. I just started listing again after a long break.

  4. I love that you have a shed! Wish I did!

  5. Nice storage space. I like it :)
    I actually recently did a blog post on my own ebay storage space

  6. Hi! Could you explain how you ship mugs? I've found some good ones but I'm always afraid to buy them because I'm not sure the best (and most affordable) way to ship. Thanks!

  7. I thought I could be all cocky about your shed "pah shed who needs one?" then I saw that it looks EXACTLY like my dish pantry oh um I may have a problem because all of those dishes are MINE ......