Friday, September 6, 2013

Slow Week: Time To Get Busy

One of my National Geographic Maps sold

This week has been a slow week  for me.  Sales are slow, and I am definitely falling behind in my listings.  Good golly, I  have so much stuff to list that I need to get back to it.  Not to mention the boxes of stuff that is at my mom's house that I need to list.  Or just have a garage sale.  I could have two garages sales.  One at each house.  I certainly have enough stuff to have one here  and at my moms.

  At my mom's house, there is four shelves of boxes of Early American Prescut. 
  And there is a collection of her first dinnerware.
 Autumn Gold Wheat 
This is a picture of the pattern.  She had acquired a whole set. 

There are boxes of her other stuff too.  Right now it is just too hot to mess with it.  The heat and humidity sucks the life right out of you.

Tomorrow will be busy.  I have to take my two foster pups to an adoption event.  They are two little dogs, one a Chihuahua (Buddy) and the other is a chihuahua mix (Penny).  Both of the pups are adorable and I sure hope they find good homes tomorrow.

This is Buddy

This is Penny

Tomorrow will be busy.  While the pups are at the event, I will try to hit up a garage sale or two.  I know I don't need any thing, but it is always fun to hunt for the treasures.

What is on you agenda for tomorrow?


  1. You foster doggies?? So sweet! :)
    I too am behind on listing... good luck!

  2. Yes, I foster little dogs! It is my small way of helping out the local animal shelter. And good luck to you too!

    Lisa@ Happy Girl Thrift

  3. Those pups are adorable! I don't think I could foster. I would want to keep them all :)

  4. Hi Kim
    I have two dogs already, but I do enjoy these little fur babies. I know they will find just the right home.

  5. It is a good thing I don't know where you live, because if I did, I'd be at your door begging you to sell me the autumn harvest wheat dishes. They are gorgeous! Your mom had great taste.