Monday, September 30, 2013

Fun Finds This Weekend

The weekends go by so darn fast, don't they? This past Saturday, I passed by a large yard sale on the way to an adoption event for my foster pups. I dropped off the pups(with the help of my grandson) and we headed over to the yard sale.

Here is a picture of yard sale from the front seat of car.

Not the best picture, but it gives you a visual. There were two rows of tables with lots of cool stuff.

I did get some of it listed this weekend:

Marwal head. I don't have much experience with these....
But I bought both. They are striking!

This little bank is the 40's-50's. It was an advertisement for Seamen's bank. My research tells me that McCoy made them. Do you have any insight?

Can never resist a mug. Ever.

To carry on the calvacade theme... Sheet music of George M Cohan. Love the James Cagney movie " Yankee Doodle Dandy"!

There were a few more items that I picked up. Will post them later this week.

Hope you found lots of cool stuff too!!

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