Sunday, September 15, 2013

eBay Sales Last Week 9/15/13

It has been a slow, slow last couple of weeks on eBay. I have been struggling to list, other things are having to be dealt with around here.

Here are some of my sales from last week...

Jonathan Adler retro "Nelson"teapot. Best offer $85.00. Paid $1.00

Pan Am vintage 1970 plastic cups. 2 for $14.99. Paid &2.99 for 17 pieces.

Uncle Eddie Aloha Angel. Best offer $15.00

Waffle House mug. Best offer $10.00. Pd 0.35 cents.

Donald duck Disney Halloween not so scary Halloween cup $18.00

Paid 1.00


That is it. I need to get back on the listing wagon!



  1. You make me want to go back to ebay! I have my shooting star....!! Great finds!! I love your Donald duck Mug!

  2. I'm on the hunt for a Waffle House mug at garage sales, only I want it for myself. :)
    Nice sale on the teapot!

  3. That teapot was an excellent flip! :)
    I need to learn more about coffee mugs. The only ones I've been able to sell are Starbucks.

  4. Good Grief Girl! don't be so hard on yourself - you made about a 750% profit on that teapot - it should count for at least 2 weeks work!! :)

  5. Love the profit on the teapot! I never would have guessed if I saw that on the shelf.

    Love looking at your blog & seeing what you've sold on eBay.

  6. Thanks for all the kind comments!

  7. Wow! I agree with you - you should definitely be selling more stuff on eBay! Clearly you have an eye for this stuff :)

  8. Wow, you make me think of chucking my little antique mall booth and giving eBay a try! Good job!