Thursday, August 22, 2013

Visited Local Antique Mall Today

There is a small antique mall near our local post office.  In fact, it is in the same small strip mall as the Post Office.  I was dropping off a package ( microwave glass turntable replacement) that was being shipped to a customer.  First, let me say that packaging a glass microwave turntable was seriously challenging!  But, fingers crossed it will get to its final destination intact!

After dropping off the package, I walked down to the Antique Mall ( Hen's Nest in Minneola Florida) just to have a look around.  It is a small mall and has a lot of great items in it.  When we first moved to this area, I rented a space/booth in this Antique Mall.  It did not really work out for me.  Of course I thought I had really cool stuff in my booth, but it was the general opinion that I was priced to high.  What did I know???

I adjusted prices and added new items weekly.  But after 3 months, I decided to call it quits. I was barely breaking even with the monthly rent.  At the time  I was having better luck with eBay.

Well, I browsed all through the shop and ended up back where my booth was.  It is located in the back, but it is out in the open so eventually most of the customers will walk by it.  The booth ( my old booth) was again available....

So.... yes my old booth again is available.  Something to think about.

Here are some pictures when I did have my booth, before and after.  Checking the date on the blog post about my first try in the antique mall it was exactly TWO YEARS AGO TO THE MONTH.


As I said before, I will think about it.  A booth requires dedication and I don't know if I have the time.  If I did go back into the mall and it was successful, I probably would not whine so much.

What are your thoughts? 


  1. I've tried to have a booth twice and honestly, it was just more work than it was worth - and then there was the problem about me forgetting about having it! I like to go see them but I get a thrill from the hunt so yard sales etc... are where I like to shop so maybe the kind of person I would buy for may not shop in those places either. sorry I couldn't be more encouraging!

  2. I remember when you had your booth. I loved those shelves made from shutter doors! Like your previous poster, I don't usually buy at those kinds of places either because I'm looking for cheap stuff to resell and the prices are usually too high. I notice too that the same stuff is always there and I wonder how they ever make a profit.

  3. I have decided to not get a booth. I am much happier selling on eBay and etsy. Booth can be a time suck fo me.