Thursday, August 29, 2013

Update on the Massive National Geographic Collection

These National Geographics were a definite Impulse buy. When I saw them I was sure I would be able to sell each and everyone of them on eBay. Almost two months later, not one has been listed. I have come to the conclusion that listing these would be a major time suck.

I found these questions on a de-cluttering blog and I answered all questions with a big fat No! So, I am going through the magazines and pulling out the maps. I have had success selling the maps on eBay. I am about half way through the collection and have acquired quite a few maps. The magazines are going to the recycle bin.
  • Do you ever refer to them?
  • Are they useful in any way?
  • Are they beautiful? Yes, they are Golden Shelves of Glory, but what else could be in their place that you might enjoy more, like favorite books or photos or artwork?
  • Have they added any value to your life, enough to merit the space they occupy?
  • Have you indexed your collection? In other words, if you needed information on Burkina Faso, would you know which issue to grab?
  • Could you find that same information online or in your public library, without having to be "the keeper of the archives" yourself?
  • What would happen if you moved? Do you realize how much your collection weighs and how much it would cost you to move it?
  • Do you realize that your kids do not want to have this collection? (I am a betting kind of gal and I would take that bet.)
  • What is the cost of keeping it? Storage costs money, particularly if you have offsite storage units. Golden Shelves of Glory represent many linear feet of shelf space that could be used for other more useful and relevant things.

Do you have a collection of National Geographic Magazines at your house?


  1. No I don't but - if I may make a suggestion on how to get rid of them even after you take out the maps, do you have an Etsy account? I think you should list them there as DIY projects for lamps etc....I'm pretty sure you could at least get what you paid for out of them and the maps would be gravy!

  2. Thanks Kelli! Great idea!

    Lisa @ Happy Girl Thrift