Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Few Finds From Yesterday

After getting things done around the house yesterday, I decided to go about an hour north of he and hit up a few thrift stores. What I was really looking for is another GREAT find like these vintage glasses.


As soon as I saw them I knew I had to have them. The say name your poison and each glass has a different poison on it. There were exclusive to Neiman Marcus in the 60's. Cera is the manufacturer.

Here is what they sold for:


My thrifting yesterday was good, not as good as finding these glasses, but still very good.

This is a ceramic lobster mold that is 16" in length. Made in England and heavy as heck.



About three yards of sponge bob fabric.


This vintage made in Japan orange drip ashtray. It is really pretty!

A Donald Duck Halloween mug. Cute and petite for little hands.


I love this avocado green vintage file box !!


That is a few of my finds from yesterday. There are a few more but I like these the best.





  1. What a great shopping trip!!!! Good for you to find those glasses!

  2. Those glasses were a super cool find!

  3. LOVE the glasses set! My parents had that Porta-file when I was growing up to keep the bills in. Funny the things we remember!

  4. Lucky find! Pick your poison glasses are pricey. I was just looking at mine before I came here in my display case - I have 2 sets of 3 (not full sets)... but they are in Spanish.. shot glasses & they look amazingly deadly!

  5. Thanks everyone! Sir Thrift.... you will have to post pics of your shot glasses.

  6. Lisa - I am way behind on blog reading but those glasses are incredible! I would love to have them and had I found 'em would never have been able to sell. You really want to go on that trip, don't ya? :)