Friday, July 12, 2013

This Thrift Store is Packed!

Today I visited one of my favorite little thrift stores.  It is small in size but has lots and lots of stuff!  I took a few pictures to share with you..

  So many shoes!!  There is just one shoe per pair displayed.  The shop owner has problems with shoplifters.  Wonder what that back room looks like!

 So many glasses!  It is a wonder the shelves stay on the wall. 

 I Cannot believe I did not see that Globe sitting on top of that shelf. Ha!  I am definitely headed back to "rescue" it for my collection. 

 Some visits I can find a few treasures.  And If I would have seen that globe on the shelf I would have picked up!  I am kicking myself.  Oh well......   

Do you visit any thrift stores as packed as this one?


  1. There's only one thrift store I visit that is packed like that and I think it's because their prices are high.I don't go very often and I go without children.

  2. We went to one like that and the musty smell inside was so bad, we couldn't stay long. Plus if there was anything worth buying in there, we wouldn't have been able to reach it.

  3. Hi Spymay, If I took my grandson to this store, I WOULD lose him in all that clutter. There is no room to walk around!
    But I still go back.

  4. clamco,

    I might be use to the smell at this one, but I am kicking myself for not grabbing that globe!

  5. Maybe when you go back you might want to get that vellux blanket in the bottom of the first picture. Some sell decently on ebay:)

  6. I would check the nerf guns in the wicker basket as well. You don't need the darts as long as they work.