Sunday, June 16, 2013

Thrifty Finds

Things are getting back to normal. This weekend I visited one of my favorite thrift stores and found a few treasures. There were few if any garage sales this weekend. The heat of summer in Central Florida coupled with the high humidity can definitely deter even the die hards from having a garage sale.
I love the shade of pink on these Franciscan earthenware. The pattern is Desert Rose. There are two desert bowls and one serving bowl. There is some wear,not to mention a small chip on the backside of the larger bowl.
This is one of 9 STUDIO NOVA salad plates Barrier Reef Fish. They are perfect for a beach themed table setting.

Here are some Fischer Price little people. I am going to save them until I acquire more and am able to offer a large lot for sale. Hoping that my grandson does not find the stash.

And of course there will always be mugs. Here are a few that will be listed this week. No doubt, I cannot complete a thrifting trip without picking up a few mugs.

Hope you had great luck with your weekend thrifting!

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  1. do the little people sell well? I come across a LOT of them!