Tuesday, April 16, 2013



Today at lunch, I ran into the Salvation Army to check out their treasures. I hoping to find a few items to list ( mugs are my favorite) this weekend. The shelves are usually packed full of donated items to look through. But not so much today. The shelves were sparse, but neat and tidy. Not what I usually see when I go in.

I looked through their shelves of mugs and most of them were the same ones that had been the earlier in the week. Disappointing to say the least. I checked out the rest of the store's knick knacks and they were pretty well picked over too.

So..... No money spent today! That is not necessarily a bad thing, is it? I have been diligently keeping track of my listing and sales for the month and for whatever reason my sales are kinda slow this month. Granted, I do have the majority of my inventory in mugs and cups, but they are easy to find, easy to sell and easy to ship. But, I do think I need to branch out a bit more and search for something else besides mugs.

Over the weekend, things changed for the better on eBay. As I said before I have been keeping track of my listings and sales. Sunday I was listing the last of 15 items. Some of the items were mugs ( of course) and several Laura Ashley dresses and jumpers. After I finished with those I went into my eBay closet and finally listed some other clothes that were just waiting to get listed.

While I was listing, the "cha-Ching" that I get from ebay on my iPhone when a sale takes place was going off like crazy! It went off seven times in a row! A customer in Monte Carlo, Monaco had purchased 5 mugs, 2 plush and one flat sheet! Wow!!! It was so much fun to watch the iPhone continuously go off.

Here are some of my sales from last month:


M&M mug 14.99
Sponge bob mug 25.00
Disney plush 20.00

Animal plush 19.99

M and M mug 19.99

Laura ashley NWT dress 90.00

Frankenstein mug 17.99

Starbucks mug 17.99

Disney shirt 29.99

Laurel Burch plate 22.50

Laurel burch plate 22.50
Le Creuset pot 39.99

Norway cup 17.99

So there you have it. These are some of my sales from last month.

Keep listing!!



  1. Wow that must have been music to your ears. I've never had that happen to me. Nice sales.