Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sample of eBay Sales March 18- 23, 2013

This last month of sales have been dismal at best. I tend to believe it is because I have been neglectful in listing consistently. I do get a few items listed throughout the week, but it is hit and miss. There has even been the few moments that I thought I will just get out of eBay.
But, I then thought better of it. Even though I only have sporadic sales, I still enjoy the whole process. And as you can see on my sidebar I have a ton of mugs in my store and I sure would hate to get rid of them.

Here are a few of my latest sales for March 18th through March 23rd.

Vintage ruby red Coke glasses 9 for 49.00. I paid 50 cents each.

Vintage Merle Norman Face Powder jar. Sold for 19.99. I paid .49 cents

I love this ashtray by Lane Ceramics. Beautiful vivid yellow work of art. Sold for 19.99 and I paid 1.00

Universal ballerina periwinkle blue sugar bowl no lid. Sold for 15.99 and I probably paid 1.00
Now for the mugs that have sold....
Sold for 19.99 paid .79 cents

Sold for 21.12 paid .79 cents
Sold for 18.99 paid .99 cents

I love to look for different and interesting mugs. And they are easy to ship and easy to store.

How are your sales lately?

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  1. I have to say, I am surprised that The Far Side stuff sells well. Also recently found out Maxine (remember her from Hallmark?) sells kinda well. I found a bunch of cards mixed in will vintage ones & looked them up after I donated the ones (including the Maxine ones) back to the thrifts.. could have made some dough!

  2. Nice profits on all the items. I never expected mugs to sell for that much.

  3. farside stuff sells WELL!! nice job-

  4. Yes, Far Side Stuff does sell well. I did not know that Maxine stuff sells, but will be on the look out for it.

    Thanks to all for your comments.

  5. I would have never known how much these were worth! I'd love it if you'd jump over and link up at my "Go Get Your Garage Sale On" Linky Party, and share some of your great finds!