Monday, February 11, 2013

eBay sales Jan 13 - February 11, 2013

Time gets away from me and I forget to post my eBay sales for the week. Well, now I am playing catch up! It has been almost a month since I last shared my sales,so here goes!
Paid 1.00 sold for 17.80 for this pretty Stangl ashtray
Daher circus tray made in England pd 1.00 sold for 16.00 FS
Bugs bunny twin flat sheet paid 1.00 sold for 15.00 FS


Disney mug paid .79 cents sold for 14.00

Remington tight roll curlers paid 5.00 sold for 49.99


Leather boots made in brazil paid 2.00 sold for 25.80


Men's boots paid 2.00 sold for 26.69

Vintage blue onion instant coffee canister paid 2.99 sold for 19.99


M and m cookie jar paid zero sold for 53.39

100 monkeys Grape CD paid 1.00 sold for 26.69


Cole Haan shoes pd 1.00 sold for 29.99


Cole Haan shoes paid 1.00 sold for 18.99


Plush Arthur aardvark paid 49 cents sold for 14.99


That is some of the more interesting items I sold last month. There were a few more but time to get to work so gotta cut it short for now.


How were your sales?



  1. Whaaa? That's cookie jar? We have a similar one, IDK where it is, but I know the lid is chipped. Oh well. I'm going to eBay research M&M stuff now.

  2. I know!!!! It is amazing what sells!

  3. Wow that's some good mark up! You have a great eye.

  4. I have that Disney mug, lol ... My daughter bought it for me while there. You did well!!!

  5. HI Liz and Wendy, thanks for stopping by! I appreciate the comments. :)