Monday, December 10, 2012

eBay Sales For The Week Nov 25- Dec 1st

Here are my eBay Sales for the week of   November 25th through December 1st.
I would have posted this earlier but we had a death in the family and last week for blogging was pretty much a wash.

I am working on what I sold for last week and should have it posted in the next day or so with pictures.  How are your eBay sales this month?

 Schleich Polar Bear w/tag  14.99        paid .50
Schleich Brown Bear w/tag  9.99        paid .50
Giant Checker Rug Game     17.99       paid 2.99
Ceramic Blueberry Pie Keeper  34.00  paid 3.00
Framed Cross Stitch  26.00                   paid 2.00
Leather Biker Jacket   25.00                  paid 0.00
M&M green cookie jar 17.99               paid 0.00
Liz Claiborne denim dress 16.99         paid 1.00 
4 Fleur De Lis Dinner Plates 34.00     paid 2.00
 Vintage mod blue gold ice bucket 13.60 paid 1.00
A view of the world mug Connecticut 25.49  paid .79

This is the short list for now.

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