Saturday, December 22, 2012

EBay Sales for Dec 13 - Dec 19 2012

My eBay sales have slowed down as Christmas approaches. As of yesterday, I put my eBay Store on vacation until Dec 26th. I just want to relax a bit and not worry about packing and shipping.

Here are my sales through Dec 19th:

Cinderella Pyrex bowl sold for 14.96 . Cost free. From my moms collection.

Vintage recipe box Syndicate manufacturing 13.69. Cost .99 ( free shipping). I am going to start weeding out the free shipping on lower cost items.

Military mug. 17.59 cost. 79 cents. Free shipping.

Military mug 14.99 cost .79 cents.

Firefighter mug 15.00 cost .49 cents

Fubu dress size 24 sold for 26.39 paid 1.00 at garage sale

Napa valley CD crate 13.19 paid .99 cents
Hug mug from Max Brenner sold for 13.19 paid .49 cents

That is about it for sales! How did you do? Are you still busy with your eBay sales?

What are your Financial Goals for 2013?

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