Friday, December 14, 2012

eBay sales Dec 2- Dec 14

I have been trying to catch up with posting my eBay sales . This pretty much brings the list up to date, there are a few more but I think this list gives you a good idea. I love to sell mugs and these last couple of weeks military mugs have been popular. I always pick them up when I see them.
The dansk dinnerware was a set I bought last year. I only have one plate left and there for a time I thought I would never get rid of it. Just goes to show you that patience is key.
Two bags of doll parts 19.99 cost free

( I have doll heads that are up for sale they were free from my daughter's mother in law)

USAF military mug. 19.99. Cost: .79

Vintage blow mold Santa 16.99 Cost .99 ( free shipping)

Texas rodeo mug sold for 22.99. Cost .99

Minnie mouse mug sold 13.99 cost .79 cents

President's Mug sold 17.80. Cost .79 cents shipped to England

Dansk dinner plate sold for 14.45. Cost .75 cents

Dansk cup and saucer 4 sets for 24.00 cost 4.00 for 4 sets

Purina advertising mug sold 17.00 Cost .79 cents

Duck decoy mug sold 11.04. Cost .25 cents

Duck decoy mug sold 8.49. Cost .25 cents

Looking good 3x Hawaiian dress sold 17.59. Cost 1.00

Rubbermaid lazy Susan sold 16.72. Cost 1.99

Estée Lauder mug sold 17.59. Cost. .99

Owl macramé 11.44 cost .25 cents. ( FS)

32 vintage Rausch Xmas balls sold 17.59 cost 2.00

Homer Laughlin small gravy boat 7.99 cost .25

Ceramic hand on hip Vase 11.59. Cost. .50

Sealed puzzle 21.12. Cost 1.00

Another military mug 17.99 cost .79

Pyrex bowl 14.99 cost free

How have your sales been? I hope you are all selling lots!



  1. Donna in Warrenton, VADecember 15, 2012 at 4:02 AM

    How do you get so much stuff for free? Do you have someone that just gives you all this stuff? I've found a few things in the free boxes at yard sales but they're usually broken or mostly trash.


  2. I have been doing this for years and it still amazes me what people will pay for just stuff. Doll parts and items have always amazed me. Guess its one hobby that never held my interest. Good job!!!

  3. I can't sell a coffee cup for the life of me. Most of them cost between .99 to 2.99 so I usually don't even look. Thanks for reading my blog. I have also added you to my blog list

  4. Ooooh, the bulbs were just what the doctor ordered for me. Too bad though. Guess I missed out.

    Doll parts sell well? Never knew.. have passed so many over. And that much for that owl?

    Will be doing my homework over my Christmas break back home through ended auctions.

    Congrats on all the sales.

  5. Donna, I will answer your question in my next post.

  6. Lisa,
    The doll parts were very creepy! Glad they are gone!

  7. Becky
    I have pretty good luck with mugs. Most of the time.

  8. Sir Thrift A Lot
    Yep, I was surprised with the doll parts too. And the macrame owl... it was cute! I will be looking for more of them.
    Thanks for the well wishes!