Friday, November 2, 2012

Quick Run to the Salvation Army

At lunch I made a quick run to the Salvation Army. This particular Salvation Army always has good plush for great prices. These pictures are taken in my work van. I found three Shamu's with tag, one dolphin ( that squeaks like a dolphin and vibrates), the Tigger( still has tag), the Winnie the Pooh ( has tags) and the Minnie Mouse which has no tags. Seven plush for $5.50.

I found this wood Hibiscus tray, it is signed but I can't recognize the name. Any help would be appreciated :-)

Here is a oval glass lid "oven ware" that was 0.49 cents. It had to go to something but I don't really recognize it.

There were also three mugs that I did not get a picture of. I bought 12 items for a total cost of $10.05 (tax included in total) for an average cost of 0.83 cents per item.

Time to get back to work!

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  1. Thats monkey pod wood. Very popular Hawaii souvenir. Probably signed by a local artist .

  2. My salvation Army sell plush 6 for a $1.00

  3. Lisa: thanks for the info.

    Julie: such a deal!!