Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Goals for December 2012

There is one more month in the year and what better time to set a goal!  I thought I would start the last month of this year with a bit more organization.  Good practice for the coming year, don't you think?

  • List 200 items on eBay in December 2012.  This will bring my listings to over 500.

  • Organize the shed of eBay inventory.  As of now I am planning on keeping the 2012 inventory separate from the 2013 inventory.  I think this will make it easier to find items and to cull out the less successful items that are sitting around.

  • Work on my eBay mileage for the lat couple of months.  I suck at this.  I have note pads and pieces of paper with mileage and dates all over the place. I even take pictures of my odometer to track my mileage.  Pffffffttt........   This is stressing me out! 
This is a short list but a busy one!   What are your plans for December and your business?  


  1. Hey Lisa,
    If you have an iphone there is an ap called Milebug that is absolutely awesome and if I remember correctly it's either free or maybe 99 cents. It lets you enter in your info from your odometer, where you are going and what for. It calculates the deduction amount when you enter in ending mileage and creates reports that you can email to yourself and print out for income tax purposes...it seriously rocks!

  2. Thanks! I will take it look at that! I need all the help I can get!!