Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday's Thoughts on eBay Auctions

I have been busy listing items to auction for their first time.  I read in Lynne Dralle's latest newsletter that she has increased her business substantially.  She states she has been listing 200 items to auction a week.  Holy cow, I don't know how she or anyone can do that and still work the other aspects of the eBay business.  I know she has published many books and DVD's about her methods but I have not taken the time to read  or watch them.

Anyway, this week I have listed 10 items to auction so far, ( I am shooting for at least 25) and two of the items already have a bid!   There may be something to her method after all.

This is the link to the Georges Briard Hot Plate Trivet 
that has a bid of $39.99 already.

Here is another link to a pair of Rockport Shoes that have  a starting bid of $19.99

I will let you know how they end and if I get any more bids on my other auctions.

Have a great Tuesday!

Here are my goals for Tuesday!


  1. Its all about making your systems , using turbolister and using all of Ebays auto responses the right way. I have used Turbolister for years.

  2. I have followed Lynne Dralle's newsletter for awhile and watched her new listings.

    She usually lists her items at 9.99. There are exceptions, but many, many things start out there. Then when they don't sell, she moves them to Fixed.

    She's a huge dealer, and she must get a discount on auction input prices. Because there are many, many items that go through without bids.

    I concluded, for myself, that I couldn't afford to use her method. Auctions cost me .25 or .50, or higher .. depending on my starting bid. I have to start them higher, or be prepared to take much less than item is worth on the marketplace (Terapeak research).

    I only use auctions now if eBay offers a free auction day or if I have something that is truly unique.

    I hope it works for you. I'm a bookseller, so with my niche, the books often have to be out there for awhile to sell. Fixed listings work best for me.

  3. Wow I have never heard of this woman. I kind of shy away from the experts who want me to pay for their expertise. I use to do that a few years ago. Now that I have built my stores I dont find the need for auctions on such a grand scale. A modest amount of auctions a week to draw people into my store is all that is needed.I truly believe people are tiring of the auction system and would much rather but it now.

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