Monday, October 22, 2012

eBay Sales For Last Week

This is a quick review of last week's sales. Last week was a bit slower on eBay,but I did not list at all so I am happy with what did sell.

This is an Avalon board game about Napoleon's battle. I found it at the Thrift store for about $2.00. The game was almost complete in that not all the punch out were punched. I took a best offer for $25.00. Buyer paid shipping.

Next was this mug. I can never resist a mug or coffee cup!

This mug has great graphics and went pretty quick. I paid . 79 cents and it sold for $17.98. Not too shabby!! Buyer paid shipping.

Who does not love Christmas? I found this multicolor vintage tinsel ( about 20feet) at the thrift store and it sold for.....11.69 and I paid shipping.

I must confess, I hate to list clothes. But.... The profit margin is usually so good I make myself do it at least once a week!!
This dress I found at a thrift store when I was filling a bag for $5.00! It's final cost was .50 cents.

This dress has been in my store for about two months and it sold for $18.00. Buyer paid the shipping.

My current listing count hovers around 300. When I can keep it around 300 I find that my sales are decent. My goal is to increase my listing count to 400 within 3 months.

How many listings do you currently have in your eBay store? What is your magic number?

Check out my quickie menu plan for this week!


  1. love to see what others are selling!!

  2. The first time I posted my eBay total sales on my blog & made a very large profit, we got an email & phone call about our Paypal trying to be hacked. :/

    Do love to see what others are selling as well.