Saturday, October 6, 2012

eBay Sales As The Week Winds Down

The end of the week ended up pretty good.  eBay sales were pretty good.  I guess you just never know when things are going to get busy!

Ladies Tap Shoes
These pre owned tap shoes were purchased for 19.99 the buyer paid shipping.  Found them at a church yard sale for 1.00.

Vintage Aluminum Canisters

 Found these vintage aluminum canisters at a church thrift store for 1.00.  They sold for 27.00 buyer paid shipping. 

Love these canisters!

I found these canisters at the Salvation Army for the grand price of 3.50.  This is probably my best sale this week.  They sold for 89.99 dollars and buy paid shipping. 

Keith Haring Mug
This cute little mug was a great find at my favorite Salvation Army store.  It was only 99 cents.  I took a best offer for 28.00.  Original price was 44.00.  Still a pretty good deal.

lighthouse shower curtain hooks

These lighthouse shower curtain hooks were 99 cents at a local thrift store.  Sold for 17.10 and buyer paid shipping.

I was pretty happy with the sales this week.  I did have my store marked down 10 percent.  I think that did help.  I will probably do it again next week.

Check out my weekly spending here:

How were your sales this week?   Where do you find your best deals?


  1. Your post makes me want to start selling again on ebay!

  2. Love those cannisters - I know you made a great profit, but how in the heck did you let go of them!?! You did great all week! Did you ever sell those Star Wars spatulas that you got so cheap? Did you make a profit from those? I bet you did! They are very pricey at Williams-Sonoma - the only place you can buy them!

  3. Nice! My sales picked up this week too. I think when the weather gets cooler sales go up as more people are stuck inside. LOVE the advertising canisters!

  4. Jeanne, This week has been a very good week for me. Not always this profitable. But I just keep listing!

    Kalamity Kelly: It was a tough call on the canisters, but we are working hard on paying down our debt.
    The star war spatulas were a gift to my son in law... a star wars geek.

    Deana: Congrats on the increase of your sales. Here is to continued success!