Sunday, September 30, 2012

Church Garage Sale Finds

Yesterday I went to a church rummage sale. They had a lot of items, enough to fill a large gymnasium. I did not have a whole lot of time to spend there but in just a few minutes my arms were full of stuff that I could not live with out.

My first find was three pair of Cole Haan Ladies shoes. Two of three of the pair are in very good condition and the third is in fair condition. These are already listed in my eBay store.

My next find was three pair of ladies tap shoes. Again, two were in very good condition and the third was in fair condition. They two are already listed a d waiting for their next new owners.

My FAVORITE find was two ceramic Christmas trees..... You know the ones, pretty ceramic trees with a base for the tree and the light to illuminate the plastic " bulbs" at the tip of the branches.

When I saw them, I made a bee line towards the table to further investigate. The lady taking care of that table had just turned them on and it was at that moment that I knew I had to have them!

The best part is that each tree was only $5.00 EACH!! What a deal! When I bought them yesterday, I told myself that I would put them in my eBay store. But I hav not yet committed to that yet. They are just so pretty, I might have to keep them :-)

How was your weekend of thrifting?


  1. I have found two old Ceramic trees for my Daughter and me, both at thrift prices. I did see some new ones at afar wars market, the big one was $50....

  2. I am going to have a hard time letting these trees go!

  3. I love the blue one! I use blue and silver at Christmas and I've never seen one of those before! My mom still has her's that she made in 1968 and I suppose one day it will become mine. I live in a college town and we have a football by-week so there were over 75 yard/garage sales where I live with 20 of them as Saturday only - we got to all 20 before 10:30 AM and had to unload the truck twice! It was one of the best buying days we have ever experienced. My hubs was happy because he got over $500 worth of golf stuff for $36. I was thrilled with a vintage medicine ball that I bought for $4 last week and sold in 3 days on eBay fro $108. I don't sell much but everyone once in a while......It's worth it. Love your site!

  4. Ooh I love the trees! I've wanted one forever, but the only ones I've found are either missing all the bulbs or broken. What a great find!

  5. I had a ceramic Christmas tree that my husband's grandmother made for years until I accidentally broke it last year.When it happened,I just sat down and cried.It was huge and came apart in four sections.
    Yours are gorgeous! I'd want to keep them!

  6. Kalamity:
    20 garage sales in one morning, I am impressed!!

    Heather: Replacement bulbs can be found on eBay

    Spymay: My mom has one, and that one is precious to me. I understand your tears when your broke. :(

  7. Sir thrift: I like the simplicity of the white one. It is very pretty at night.

  8. oh what lovely trees! perfect on christmas eve when they are lighted up :D great find!