Thursday, August 9, 2012

It Has Been Awhile.....

Paid 1.00, sold for 22.00 plus shipping

Yes, it has been a long time since I posted.  Lots of reasons, but mostly I think I was  depressed.  My mom is battling breast cancer that has returned to her spine and skull.  I was unemployed for almost a year.  Yep.... It was a bit much.

All through that dark time, I did continue to thrift and sell on eBay.  That activity did keep me sane and also provided some income through my time of unemployment.  

Mom is still battling her cancer, but is doing well and is functioning normally.  I praise God for that!  I am back to work for three days a week.  This allows me the time to still help my mom out and still get out there and thrift.
paid 1.00, sold for 25.00 plus shipping

 I did finally upgrade to a premium store.  Currently I have an average of about 260 listings.  My goal is to get to 300 listings and at that point start weeding out some of the less popular items that have been around forever.   How often do you weed out slow movers out of your eBay store? 

paid a 1.00... but will be giving this to a friend
 I have added some pictures of just a few of the things I have found recently.  The Charles Chips can I found at a garage sale.  I thought $1.00 was a bit high but it did sell in about two months.  The pyrex casserole (which is a pattern that I have never seen before) sold within a week. 

These watermelon napkin rings were a great find at 1.00 and sold for 18.00.    You just never know what is going to sell! 

Happy Thrifting!


  1. Love the Pyrex! I'm so sorry about your mom and employment woes although I'm sure your mom's issues take front and center. I understand about not blogging for a while - sometimes you just don't have good things to say because there doesn't seem to be anything good going on! Looks like things are back on track - glad to see you back because you have some great stuff! KK

  2. Thanks for the kind words! Sometimes life just gets out of control doesn't it? I so appreciate normal!

  3. I love that tin! no worries on your blogging break. It's understandable, you've got to get your life in order first. Good luck!