Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weekly Goals for Getting It Together April 1, 2012

This sold this week for $18.99 :)

How did you do on your goals last week?  It is Sunday and time to become accountable!   Here is the  low down from last week: 

1.   Organize my new rolling carts.  They sure can hold a lot of stuff!   Struggling with organizing the chaos.  It does keep the stuff in one place, which is a plus. 

2.  List 50 items on Ebay.   Close, about 35.  Maybe next week. 

3.  ORGANIZE MY RECEIPTS!   SERIOUSLY NEED TO DO THIS!  Receipts are organized, now adding information to my spreadsheet.  

4Earnings Goal for this Week is $250.00  Not quite, maybe half. 

5.  Exercise.  Seriously, this goal has not been meet since the New Year.  Boo!! I have started walking about one mile a day.  Finally!  

Goals for This Week: 
1.  Continue to organize the carts and then the shed.  

2.  List 50 items on Ebay. 

3.  Work on getting the spreadsheet data entered. 

4.  Earnings goal for this week:  $500.00.  Gotta aim high!

5.  Continue to walk a mile a day and increase to two miles a day.  

What about you?  How did you do on your goals this week?

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  1. Great goals! I love that you aim high. 2 miles is easy, especially if you go walking with a friend. :)

    Good luck with them, I have a feeling that you will kick some serious butt this week!

  2. Congratulations on the progress. I walk 4 miles a week once a week with a friend and ride my bike for errands, but I haven't made exercise routine yet.

    At least I have healthy eating down to a science now. One step at a time...

    Good luck hitting the rest of your goals. You're doing great so far in my book!