Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Trying to Get Organized

Here is the awful picture of my mess….er, I mean treasures,from my last round of thrift shopping.  My poor dining room table looks like a seen straight out of “Hoarders”.  Is this how it begins?

My husband and I made the rounds at many thrift stores this past Friday and Saturday.  Every store within 50 miles was having a 50% off sale.  I’m not kidding.   We hit 2 different Salvation Army stores, 5 different Goodwill stores, and a bi-yearly children’s consignment sale.  Score!  I only left one store without purchasing anything and that was because the line was way, way too long.

I’ve already started the task of listing many of these bargains online for sale.  I have also put a shopping freeze on myself for the short time being.  I have such a large pile of things to list because I wasn’t exactly caught up in my organizing of items before this latest shopping blitz.

So now I am even further behind.
Does anyone have a system that works for keeping up on this task?  I just shop when I’m in the mood (which is often) and list when I’m in the mood (which is infrequent) and let my pile of chaos grow.  Any insight or help would be greatly appreciated.  :)

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