Friday, April 6, 2012

Short List outcome......Dismal at Best

Friday's Short List Of Things To Do

This week has really gone by quickly!  There are times I feel like I have successfully accomplished a lot of things, and then I look at the eBay garage and quickly realize that I still have lots to do.

Here are the things I hope to accomplish today:

  • Pack and mail three purchases from eBay customers  This is the only thing I accomplished.
  • List 5 new items  Nope
  • List 5 previously listed items Nada
  • Finish Easter Baskets for grandkids No
  • Shop for Easter Dinner (tacoburgers) Not even close.
Thanks for keeping me on task.  When I post my list I definitely feel more accountable.
My failure to get much done today is due to the fact I had three packages to pack up. Okay.... not really a problem packing.  The real glitch was shipping.  Two were overseas and I really had no idea how to do it correctly. 

After two trips to the post office and a little guidance from the clerk, I finally got it right.  I was just trying to make it more complicated than it really was.  Talk about a time suck!  Sheesh!  

Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive.


  1. I print mine at home using endicia, just for the overseas stuff. The customs form just takes seconds. I never go to the PO these days - scheduling a pickup is so much easier. After a while you don't have to do that either (at least where I live) they just automatically look on my porch & get them from my "outbox". Love that.

  2. I have printed my from ebay... and actually it was not so bad. I kinda like going to the post office... gets me out :)