Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday's Short List Of Things To Do

I had such a crush on Bobby Sherman.....
This week has really gone by quickly!  There are times I feel like I have successfully accomplished a lot of things, and then I look at the eBay garage and quickly realize that I still have lots to do. 

Here are the things I hope to accomplish today:

  • Pack and mail three purchases from eBay customers
  • List 5 new items 
  • List 5 previously listed items 
  • Finish Easter Baskets for grandkids
  • Shop for Easter Dinner (tacoburgers) 
Thanks for keeping me on task.  When I post my list I definitely feel more accountable.  

Do any of you sell on Amazon?  Has it been a positive experience for you?  I have been thinking about it.  Let me know!

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