Tuesday, March 6, 2012

We have hit a speed bump... again

The best laid plans can always meet up with a detour. Yesterday they certainly did. Mom called me early in the morning and said she was having difficulty with her right side again and she was having severe headaches. I told her I ould get dressed and be on my way to her house to take her to the ER.

Within the next half hour, I get another phone call from my mom but only it was not my my mom on the phone. It was the paramedic calling to let me know that they were taking her to the ER. Evidently mom felt bad enough to call 911, which is a blessing in itself.

I get to the ER and was allowed back to see her, but as soon as I walk in the room she is having a Grand Mal seizure. Talk about a scary scene! The docs and nurses quickly got it under control with medications and afer about an hour mom was starting to bet back to her old self.

The ER did the the usual round of tests which included CT's MRI's and Xray's. I spoke to her nurse this morning and she said that there wan nothing unusual seen on her tests. From my past experience with the hospital I have learned to wait and see when it comes to tests results. It seems there is always another test to be done and the interpertation of that test is somewhat suggestive by whoever is reading the images or reading the results. So, I am happy with the pending results, but I will definitely wait and see.

This episode of mom's puts me back in her house taking care of dad. Again. it is deja vu all over again.

But, I am hoping that she will get to come home very soon and that I can get back to what I need to do at my house.

I am hoping to post more thrifting goodies in the next couple of days!  :)

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  1. Oh wow so sorry to hear about your mother. I hope God guides your doctors and gets you some answers. Hope your mom is feeling better soon too. I just found you from my thrifty link up and was having a look around.