Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thrift Store Finds Mid Week!

 I have been staying at my parents house while mom is in the hospital.  After I make sure dad is settled I take off and visit the local thrift stores around her home. 

One of the thrift stores had a shoe box semi full of old vintage trivets.  What is is about trivets that I find so fascinating?  Beat's me but I asked the clerk what she wanted for them since they were not marked. There were 15 in the box and she said I could have them for $5.00!
Here are a few of my favorites.  I have been listing some on Ebay and some on ETSY. 

Found this interesting coffee cup/mug at the Goodwill.  It looks to be handpainted and it certainly is unique.  The colors are very vibrant.  Not a bad deal for .99 cents.

 I also found this pillowcase at the Goodwill too.

It is from Mirage toys 1990.  Sure reminds me of my kids when they were younger.  Cost =.99 cents


  1. Love the pillow case! Reminds me of my kids, too. :)

  2. My sister loved The Turtles when she was little also.

  3. Looks like someone collected trivets on their travels - neat!