Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Quack, Quack! If It Looks Like a Duck..... And A Link Party

Quack, Quack!! When I shop the Thrift Stores, I am always looking for different and unusual stuff. Well, this Duck phone certainly fits the bill. ( No pun intended) I search the completeds and found that this type of phone is pretty popular with "Jersey Shore" fans. Apparently Snooki has a phone very similar to it. We tested it and found that the eyes light up when a call is coming through, but this phone does not quack... it makes a buzzing sound. It is still cute, and I am hoping someone wants it!

I love this retro metal globe.  I bought it for $10.00, and I think I am going to keep it.  The colors are bright and It definitely makes me smile.    It still twirls and functions perfectly.  It will look great in my living room.  Or computer room.  Have you bought something with the intention of reselling it, but later decided to keep it? 

I was immediately drawn to the bright colors of this Peruvian Nativity scene.  It is inside a gourd and the gourd has beautiful carvings.  

What did you find this week??  


  1. LOL, evil duck when someone calls? Too funny!

  2. Nothing yet...but YOUR finds make me want to go out and make a few finds of my own!


  3. It was fun to see the duck phone again. My late father in law had one!

  4. That duck is seriously tacky! LOL! I unfortunately often buy stuff to sell and then fall in love with it! Sigh. I'm getting better, but, it still happens!

  5. Such great finds. I'm a little scared of the duck phone with the glowing eyes.

  6. The nativity is so neat! Thanks for hosting and for joining my thrifty love link party too!