Thursday, March 22, 2012

Getting Back To Normal........And Getting Busy

I have moved back from my mom's. Her Dr.'s appt. this Wednesday was very positive. She is able to be by herself and that is good news for both of us.

 Today I ran errands that included the bank, post office and a visit to BJ's to pick up two of the chef's carts to hold all my eBay stuff!  I have stuff that I listed while staying at my mom's and it
is spread out on my husbands work bench.... waiting to get
I hope two carts are enough :)  


I still have a bunch of stuff in a shed out back that was listed in my eBay store months ago.  When
my mom first became sick, I had to stay with her for
3 months.  I closed  my eBay store then because there was just no way to take care of her and my
eBay business.

So I really have no reason to go thrifting, because I have so much stuff that I should be re-listing!!
 Tonight I did manage to get about 15 listings done.  I hope to do that many tomorrow too.

How do you organize your inventory?

I would love to hear about it!!


  1. Oh boy... I have so much stuff to list. I am in love with the thrill of the chase- not so in love with the tedium thats involved in listing the items I find. I have no reason to go thrifting right now, either (other than to get my fix). :)

    Good for you for listing 15!

    I keep my inventory in large covered plastic bins. That way it doesn't get dusty.

  2. The bins are a good idea. I will need to get a few of them too!