Friday, March 30, 2012

Food Waste Friday: The Frozen Tundra

Friday is a time to clean out the Fridge AND Freezer. The freezer usually gets ignored because I figure if its frozen, it will be okay. Not so much.

 I actually pulled out what was in the freezer and low and behold here was a bag of frozen chicken cutlets. They are pale and discolored with FREEZER BURN. Yuck. Out the go to the trash. At least is was only half a bag.

Hoping to do better next week.  How about you?
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  1. My freezer stays crazy organized, but I had quite a bit of waste sneak up on me as well this week. Better luck to us both next week!

  2. I buy the big bag of chicken breast tenders at Costco and they always end up with freezer burn, etc. before we use them all. I'm thinking about rebagging them into meal size portions to help with that. As I think about it, I wouldn't even have to use the more expensive freezer bags. I could use a cheaper bag and put it back into the big bag. That should be enough protection.