Friday, March 2, 2012

Food Waste Friday: Cornbread Snafu

This was not hiding in my refrigerator.  It was suppose  to be part of dinner last night.

I have been making cornbread for years and this has never happened.  It came out extra crispy on the bottom ( practically burnt) and ooey gooey in the middle. 

FoodWasteFriday linked to the Frugal Girl

Maybe the mix was old or maybe it was me, I don't know.  But it definitely is wasted food. Boo!!!


  1. Maybe there was too much oil in the pan which cooked the outside too much before the middle was done. Otherwise, congrats on a good week.

  2. Not a bad week at all! Definitely couldn't be helped.

  3. Not too bad, even with the cornbread mishap. And that you really couldn't have saved.

  4. And it looks like such pretty corn bread! That's too bad. We love corn bread.