Thursday, February 2, 2012

Yakezie Challenge

Yakezie Challenge

Member of the Yakezie Challenge

I have committed to join the Yakezie Challenge.  It's not too late for you to join either!    My other blog is Cents To Save and is a personal finance blog. This blog is more lifestyle/hobby/ enterprise oriented.  I love going to Thrift stores and finding great deals and flipping those deals on Ebay and or Amazon. 

  " The Challenge is a 6 month long process where you strive to breach three respective Alexa ranking hurdles of 200,000, 100,000 or 50,000, depending on where your rank is to start.  What’s important to realize is that the Alexa system isn’t perfect and isn’t the holy grail of website analysis.  It’s just one of many ranking systems out there which help measure our progress.  There is a strong correlation with your ranking improvement and the amount of activity on your blog, and it’s one of the best systems we’ve got.  It’s also the default ranking system for many blog lists around the world."

When I downloaded the Alexa toolbar and checked my ranking, it was 7,635,519.  Definitely room for improvement!!  So here it begins... A commitment to improve my blogging skills and improve my ranking. Join in with me! 

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